With the remarkable A49 amplifier launched last summer and the more affordable A39 already gracing shelves, Arcam’s third and cheapest G class integrated amplifier has just launched at the Munich High End show. Re-writing Arcam’s press material slightly, we have:

“The A29 has been designed to leapfrog the competition with a massive 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 175 watts into 4 ohms. This allows for huge extra power reserves from our latest generation class G topology that is both clever and efficient. During normal operation, distortion is measured at less than one part per million so this massive power is delivered with control and finesse.

There have been great strides made in improving audio sources and loudspeakers in recent years and the time is right to match them in the field of amplifier design. This ground breaking amplifier is a must audition product for music lovers who understand that power is nothing without control.’

So there you go. Great power comes with responsibility. 🙂

Due July 2015.