Anthem MRX720


Claimed, with some justification, to be the ‘best A/V Receivers on the market’, Anthem receivers have impressed us over the years.


Claimed, with some justification, to be the ‘best A/V Receivers on the market’, Anthem receivers have impressed us over the years.

Product Description

Anthem MRX 720 is a 7.2 channel AV receiver, powered by 140 Watts per channel, with Anthem’s own Room Correction technology, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

It delivers the detailed high fidelity audio you would expect from hi-fi separates as well as the multi-channel versatility of Anthem’s 3rd Gen MRX range, known worldwide for exceptional audio quality, power handling and simple integration into a home entertainment system.

Calibrating ARC

ARC (Anthem Room Correction) enables audio equipment to acheive a more neutral sound regardless of the surroundings. Digitally benchmarking the room’s sound to lab standard, ARC measures the reaction of each speaker compared to the listening area then uses complex algorithms to remove the negative effects of the room layout and furnishing then adjusts response and phase effects for finest performance.

How to use ARC

The easy-to-use ARC Kit lets you tailor your loudspeakers to your listening space in just a few simple steps. It includes software and mic calibration, professional standard mic stand and premium connectors (PC with CD drive is required). To use ARC, first plug the purpose-built Calibration Microphone into your PC and Anthem receiver.

The microphone should be positioned at each of the listening areas in your room; you can configure between five to ten positions, to enable an audio sample to be taken from each. The complex DSP precisely equalises response and produces rich crossover curves to ensure the speaker performance meets the perfect lab-grade.

DTS Play-Fi

For instant access to your digital audio library anywhere at home, DTS Play-Fi streaming technology is included with greater-than-CD-quality sound. Partnered with the leader in Wi-Fi streaming, DTS Play-Fi supports a host of high-quality file formats.

Control it straight from a smart device or PC. The “Open Ecosystem” makes it simple to stream music and add wireless streaming devices on the go. The entire family can access personal music libraries from anywhere in the home or get endless choices from online music streaming platforms from any device, smartphone or PC.

Dolby Atmos

Unlike MRX520, MRX720 includes Dolby Atmos which brings you lifelike audio experiences. Your room is packed with sound that originates from overhead and all directions with astounding clarity and depth. The explicit sounds pass around you in multidimensional space immersing you in the action. Dolby Atmos weaves the acoustic story to match the events unfolding on screen.

Atmos RCA Outputs

While it does not have a built-in power amplifier with speaker outputs for Atmos, it can connect to an external power amp from the Atmos RCA channel outputs. This lets the MRX720 acheive best possible sound quality. For a feature-packed AVR with Atmos speaker outputs for power amplifier, see the MRX1120.

DTS:X Ready

DTS:X leverages object-based audio for a fresh, interactive and immersive sound. All DTS formats are supported including Digital Surround and HD Master Audio. Take your Blu-ray, DVD or digital movie to new levels. DTX makes sound move so your speakers don’t need to. DTS:X doesn’t require a specific speaker layout, you can arrange your home theatre system however suits you.

What is a sound object?

A sound object is a waveform made up of the audio and metadata that specifiies spatial placement. This frees audio content from exact speaker layouts for better listening experiences.

Engineered for Sound

Similar to the entry-level MRX 520 and flagship MRX 1120, the 7 channel MRX 720 is built with a sole focus on sound quality instead of aiming to check as many features off as possible at the most reasonable price. An audiophile-grade choice for movies and music.

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Tech Specs

PREAMPLIFIER- Max Output: (<0.1% THD) 4.2 Vrms- Sub channel: 5.2 Vrms- Freq Resp: 10Hz-31kHz (-0.25dB)- Analog: 10Hz-48kHz (-0.25dB)- THD+N (2 Vrms): -95 dB- SNR (IEC-A filter): 110 dB


PREAMP + AMP- THD+N (1W): -88dB (ch 1-5) – THD+N (1W): -75dB (back/height)


AMPLIFIER- Crossover: 20Hz-20kHz, 0.1%, 8O- Power: 140W (channels 1-5)- Power: 60W (remaining channels)


POWER REQUIREMENT- Max Out: 20Hz-20kHz, 0.1%, 6O- Power: 170W (channels 1-5)- Power: 75W (remaining channels)120V Ver: 108-132V (60 Hz)220-240V: 198-264V (50Hz)


CONSUMPTION- Max power consumption: 485W- Standby consumption: <0.3W- Standby IP Control: 4.7W- Standby HDMI Bypass: 8.2W


GENERAL- Dimensions (HWD): 16.5 X 43.9 x 37.5cm- Weight: 14 kg

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