Chord CPA5000 preamplifier – ex dem

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This Chord CPA5000 is our current demo unit. It was bought October 2019 as refurbished unit to give us a suitable preamplifier to drive the new monobloc Ultima power amplifiers.

At the time, the new Ultima preamp was not quite ready. In truth the Ultima is mainly a slight restyle, although there are a few minor revisions, we gather. The Ultima Pre 2 is also very slightly cheaper.

In any case, this really is a remarkable piece of kit, able to give the Chord power amplifiers added grace, space and dynamics over, say, a Chord Dave driving them directly and adding the ability to accept analogue inputs.

Offered with three years full Chord warranty.  Boxed with handset etc.

Condition is very good, but it was noted when be got it that there were ‘some very minor marks’ on it. All we can find is the little ‘nick’ on the top edge of the fascia, photographed in close-up.

For good or ill, we opted to have it with the optional black  in-fill panels rather than the slightly contentious ‘oil rig’ legs to match our Ultima power amps.

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