Naim CDS2 – serviced 2019


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Here we have a Naim classic, the CDS2 CD player. This one dates to 1999.

It has been owned by a local academic for a number of years. His entire system, including this, was serviced by Naim in February 2019 but there were ongoing issues with the CDS2 that led to it going back to Salisbury in August 2019.

All was resolved but, in the meantime, the customer rather ‘took’ to the CDS3 loan machine that he had been using in the intervening period and we ended up striking a deal and putting this into stock.  And then we kind of forgot.

This lockdown is still producing surprises!

Condition is extremely, testament to both the owner and the battleship build of these things. Mind you, I really should have spent a little more time dusting the CD tray.

Offered with full 12 month warranty (it has a new mechanism) in current Naim packaging with grey interconnect and handset. The transit screws for the underside are standard issue but the smaller ones for the (suspended) CD tray are no longer available from Naim and we’ve come up with alternatives that work.

This needs an XPS power supply to function. 

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