Naim Nait 5i amplifier


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Here’s a very respectable example of the classic Naim Nait 5i integrated amplifier.

This was the second generation of the ‘series 5’ integrated amplifier, much simpler and arguably more purist that the one that preceded it, it’s a perfect starter point on the (expansive) Naim ladder.

Condition is pretty good overall, albeit with the occasional mark on the casework. Serial number is 228325, dating it to 2006.

Offered boxed in the original packaging with the original bijou handset, a proper Naim mains lead.

Offered with a three month warranty.

An Integrated Amplifier that punches above its weight.

There’s a long Naim tradition of punching above weight with the NAIT Integrated Amplifier. It began with the original NAIT in 1983 and continues with the new and improved NAIT 5i. The NAIT 5i takes all that’s best about the tradition, and adds yet more dynamism, versatility and music.

Borrowing many of Naim’s latest amplifier innovations, the NAIT 5i becomes the finest-sounding integrated amplifier in its class. Naim’s famous attention to detail has improved many aspects of the design, with many small improvements working together to deliver an increase in performance that just has to be heard.

The NAIT 5i delivers fifty watts into real loudspeaker loads, each watt with the legendary Naim rhythmic drive and musical integrity. Entry-level it may be, but innovations such as its new ceramic heatsink help make the music it plays yet more detailed, engaging and recognisably Naim.

Versatility is vital for an entry-level amplifier. The NAIT 5i makes integration with existing systems easy by incorporating phono socket inputs alongside the traditional DIN sockets, and it offers the possibility of use with a wide range of speaker cable types. Integration with audio-visual systems is handled through a programmable “unity gain” input and even iPods* are catered for with a front panel automatic switching mini-jack socket. The NAIT 5i is intuitive in use too. It’s a true plug andplay product.

Analogue inputs : 4 main

Input sensitivities : 150mV, 100Ω

Output level, tape : 150mV, 100Ω

Power output (into 8Ω) 50W per channel

Overload margin, all inputs, all audio frequencies : 35db

Distortion <0.02% 20hz – 20khz

Signal to noise >80db A-wtd Ref IW

Mains supply 230V (50 or 60Hz)

Dimensions (H x W x D) : 70 x 432 x 301mm

Weight : 5.7kg

Finish : Black

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