Naim ND 555 Naim refurbished Grade A

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ND 555 just like new, but a little cheaper!

Pure musicality with Naim’s most advanced streaming platform

Naim’s reference network player is quite simply the best source component they’ve ever developed. Drawing on decades of digital and analogue engineering experience, the ND 555 marries the  innovative new streaming platform with classic Naim analogue technology. It features a 40-bit SHARC processor with advanced signal processing, a suspended brass sub-chassis to isolate sound-critical circuits from vibrations and the best external power supply we’ve ever made.

Whether you’re listening to Bonham’s solid groove or Coltrane’s dizzying scales, the ND 555 lets the music flow with astonishing ease and uniquely engaging musicality. Partnered with Statement or 500 series amplification, we believe the ND 555 is as close to live music as it gets.

Here, we have some Grade A refurbished units. These are fresh to us from Naim in sealed packaging with all accessories, just like new. Grade A items should be indistinguishable from new too. Just a little cheaper.

They come with the reassurance of a 2 year Naim warranty.

Please note that ND 555 requires a Naim 555 PS to function. 



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