Quadraspire Q Plus Reference


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Q Plus Reference are stunning, effective and very hard to explain audio interfaces. These are sold in packs of three or four and sit between your audio component and the shelf. They have been described as being ‘work of the devil’.

Here, we have three sets of four, or four sets of three, depending on how you view it.  They have come back from a local customer who, sadly, has had to off-load his entire system.

To simplify matters, we are listing these singly, so the price is per item.

Condition is excellent. All come in the little tins and, if you buy four, there is an outer box too. Being mail order sales, if these don’t suit you can return them for refund within 14 days. But please tell us if you are returning them and please keep them in the same condition as received.

RRP is £899 for four, £224.75 each.

Price includes UK mainland delivery.

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