20/3 turntable – SME


RRP £11450 . . . You don’t want to pay that!

After all, there’s no arm on it.


This is an absolutely lovely example of the high end SME 20/3 turntable.

It was purchased as a new unit from Definitive Audio on 2/10/2019. It was bought minus the arm as the original owner already had an SME V arm.

We’ve known the customer for around 25 years. He has other turntables and we’re familiar with his lust for change.  This has come to us in part exchange for some electronics.

Naturally, it has an SME arm mount. Not being an SME dealership, we have no SME arms to hand to demonstrate with the deck but we can confirm that it works! And quietly.

Condition is extremely good, close to perfect. For the photographs, microscopic level of dust were the enemy.

It comes with the full original packaging, the imperative-that-you-read instructions and, for peace of mind, we will offer with a 12 month warranty.

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