Save money on an upgrade and help others too

It’s fair to say that, for most of us, 2022 has not exactly hit the spot as one of the great years. Almost overnight, the internet has become awash with special offers, so there is no point in us pretending that everything is brilliant.

To pique your interest, we have a few ideas that will not only help you (and us) but will also allow a fine local charity, St Elizabeth’s Hospice, gain some much-needed revenue. This could give us all a nice warm glow.

With Naim Uniti and Rega products, you can upgrade your existing equipment whilst getting money back on your old kit with St Elizabeth’s then receiving your cast-off to sell on.

Please note that these offers are available for existing stocks so can be withdrawn at any time.

Rega upgrades.

St Elizabeth’s would love your old turntable too.

Cut a dash over Christmas with a crisp new Rega one!

Linn’s recent revisions to the Selekt series have made it a more than worthy replacement for Akurate DSM. Describing it as the most configurable music player ever is not hyperbole. With a modular design, there are three levels of DAC and numerous numerous output options.

However you use them, sound quality is exceptional and has moved forward from the corresponding Akurate products, something we will be happy to demonstrate to you.

There are some trade-in allowances, although this time, since we will have something fairly specialist to sell, we’ll split the residual value with St Elizabeth’s Hospice.


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