Back in the summer 0f 2021, when we were heady with the surprisingly high performance of the, then new, £10k ish DP-570 CD / SACD player, we were rather cruelly introduced to the DP 750.  The 750 cost around £18500 but it utterly trounced the already excellent 570. One 570 buyer memorably upgraded his 570 purchase to 750 in double quick time.

The new DP-770 is £500 cheaper and sort of launched in the UK in January 2024. I use the term ‘sort of’ because the actual number that arrived was just three units. Two were sold (by others) to customers who simply placed orders without hearing it and the remaining one was kept by the importer for demonstration use. We borrowed this demonstration unit once it had been run in and used for the Bristol Audio show and, with the last generation DP 750 still here, were able to establish that the 770 brings a disproportionate level of progress over the outgoing model. It’s pretty much in line with what the 750 did to the 570, in fact. We were also able to demonstrate it to an interested customer.

A couple of years ago we held an Accuphase ‘event’ and their £42k DP 1000 / DC 1000 transport / DAC combo was brought along to offer temptation. It was great and definitely better but we had no takers. We cannot help thinking that the areas where the super high end combo bested the 750 are awfully similar to where the 770 is showing progress. This is my oh so subtle attempt at suggesting that the 770 might actually be a bargain!

For now, we need to run this thing in. We know from previous 570 and 750 experience that they take a fair while to find their feet. Within a couple of weeks, though, it should be good enough to demonstrate in earnest.

CD players have certainly become ‘niche’ items but there is still some demand out there for super high quality replay of silver discs. The latest shipment of admittedly only 8 or 9 units has all been sold. Two were for us, one for the customer to whom we demonstrated the one we borrowed. Next shipment from Japan will be in August and it’s just possible that there will be free stock there should someone be interested.

Demand for high end CD replay may be modest but supply is even more so. With Accuphase still pouring significant amounts of R&D into CD replay, these players really do offer something very special indeed.