With several new demonstration pieces of kit to run in: Naim ND555, NAC 552, 2 x 555 DR PS, we have a rather nice, predominately new, 500 system feeding some fresh Kudos Titan 707s in one room.

For our new Statement S1 pre, we were torn between another fresh box, the Linn Kilmax DSM or the four box Auralic combination of Streamer, Clock, Scaler and DAC that has had minimal use. It’s fun watching the Auralic effectively configure itself when all the components are connected together.  It’s interesting, too, to see how it sounds in this exalted company (answer: it’s surprisingly good).


Storage for this is another new box, the latest and greatest Melco N10 SSD supported by a Melco S100 switch powered by Plixir. We’ve had a play with the new, even higher end two  box Melco S10 switch and can report that it’s quite a bit better than the S100, even with Plixir PSU in place. We have one on order . . .

The Linn has ended up connected to some active ATC SCM 50s and Auralic’s ‘statement’ combo to the statement / Dynaudio Confidence 60 system.

We’ve been struggling with our pair of REL carbon subs. It turns out that, whilst there is nothing wrong with either, only the one located in the right hand corner off the room actually integrates properly. There is something about the location that blocks a similar arrangement on the left. Given the symmetry and the matching concrete bases, this is a curious result. More work too be done!

We’ve also done some network fettling and have properly isolated the entire music network from everything else (office computers, CCTV etc) via ADOT. Turns out we should practice what we preach. It’s quite a big deal and might stop me making embarrassing noises about CD players.

Oh, and the Naim Solstice Package is there too. Could be time for some stock rotation with the Solstice . . .