I would say the second coming, but . . .

Yesterday was a busy one at St Cecilia’s, AKA Signals Tower. Almost comically so at times. This was all the more surprising since the diary originally had very little in it.

While Andy was in Norwich fitting an Ekstatik cartridge and Radikal II to a customers deck, we had a pilgrimage of LP 12 owners, also  from Norfolk, come to pay homage to the new Naim Solstice (winter edition) and our own brand new Radikal II’d and freshly Extatik Klimax LP12.  We’ve kept the Kandid / Radikal I Klimax LP12, too, for comparison.

Suffice it to say that Linn have rather stolen the limelight here. There is real, borderline embarrassing, love for that new £5500 cartridge. Radikal II isn’t bad either but, just as loudspeakers usually get the credit for a good sounding system, all was being attributed the the new needle thingumy.

System was Naim NAC 552 DR / 500 DR / Kudos 808 and it did sound utterly bloody marvellous.  It’s all past tense now, of course, because the next demonstration of the day involved taking the 808s back out of the room.

Anyway, a cracking power supply upgrade and gem of a new cartridge from Linn and one that makes people actually consider overlooking the price.

We have a ton of stuff on demonstration these days. The issue is finding space to accommodate it. Please form an orderly queue and don’t judge the clutter too harshly!

Kompletely Ekstatik