This afternoon, a very nice lady arrived in a 40′ curtain sided articulated lorry and delivered this compact pallet of goodies to our door. Our demonstration example of the much trumpeted and anticipated Naim Solstice turntable package has finally arrived.

Across the country, it’s fair to assume similar deliveries have been taking place with all dealers getting their demo decks on the same day. At least that’s the plan.

Now unpacked, it is sounding quite a lot like the one we have heard when Naim brought it round. Not exactly the same, since last time we had a Statement preamp in place. Probably one of my blunders, with hindsight. Here, it’s running into 552 / 500 system with Kudos Titan 808s.

With the phono stage and cartridge cold and presumably stiff, it’s a little brighter and a bit less ‘substantial’ in balance, but surprisingly good all the same.