Lateral Audio Stands

It’s an audio cliché, but Lateral Audio Stands stemmed from a desire to make something better than was already available. Impressively, Lateral’s owner, Kevin Hancock, has achieved his aim.

In terms of audio quality, these stands outclass many similarly priced and more expensive ones from established makers. The design is subtly unusual but very logical, with the shelves supported with lateral fixings through sturdy oak uprights.

Fundamentally, these are low-mass designs. As a further upgrade, isolation shelves can be added.

Kevin is based in Derbyshire and he uses locally sourced solid oak, oak faced plywood and aluminium. These are hand finished in a light wax.

Rather memorably, Kevin brought his demonstration samples to us in March 2019. He arrived just when we were experiencing a power cut. We spent longer than usual inspecting the design and structure before we were able to listen. Even the lunch I’d promised was on hold.

It was worth the wait, the stands, not the lunch. We were impressed with what we heard and unexpectedly found ourselves ordering demonstration stock.


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