Naim Mu-so

As with Uniti, Mu-so is not strictly a brand but a range of products manufactured by Naim Audio.

The first mu-so launched in 2014 and this was followed by the smaller Qb in early 2016. Both have ruffled feathers in the audio world by (a) sounding remarkably good and (b) representing what was seen by many as a sell-out by high end brand Naim Audio.

In truth, the Mu-so products have brought Naim to the eyes and ears of thousands of new listeners and are seen by Naim as an introductory product that will hopefully lead buyers to investigate their more specialist equipment over time. Our own experience has led us to see this to be working.

On top of that, Naim users with existing Uniti, ‘classic’ or ‘reference’ streaming enabled systems can use the same control interface, join listing zones together and generally access their music collection, or the music on Tidal or Spotify, in additional areas of the home that might not accommodate a full sized system.

For many, though, Naim Mu-so could well be all the system they will ever need. After all, these do sound remarkably good!

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