PLiXiR make a range of high end power supplies and mains filters. They are distributed in the UK by ADMM, a company with staff well known to us that was formed to distribute Melco and a small number of other high quality products.

Our interest has stemmed from what PLiXiR can do for some of the the Melco products. These power supplies can be configured in a number of ways and some can be used with Chord DACs and Scalers.

In 2013, Singapore based James Soh decided to pursue his passion full-time and set up Sound Affairs Pte Ltd, concentrating on original and modified HIFI equipment and accessories sales as well as home active speaker sales (

In 2014, James designed and created the PLiXiR brand of AC and DC power products and accessories. The purpose is to provide unique, timeless, high performance and cost effective power products for hifi use. It has since become a popular brand in Singapore and is now distributed overseas, a first for Hifi power products in Singapore.

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