Let’s get the unsettling bit out of the way: Late in 2014, Goertek Inc, China’s largest acoustic components company, acquired the majority shares of Dynaudio.

Goertek Inc. was founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008. It is world leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D glasses and Bluetooth equipment. Furthermore, they are the absolute top producer of microphones, flat screens and micro loudspeakers/transducers.

Goertek Inc. is OEM supplier to the leading brands within the smartphone and gaming categories and can contribute to the development of Dynaudio both in technology and in markets.

This will help Dynaudio achieve their ambition of becoming the leading loudspeaker company worldwide.

To accomplish this, they share knowledge. Goertek Inc. is adding engineering experience in electronic and wireless technology. Watch this space!

At heart, Dynaudio remains a Scandinavian company so let’s have the subliminal reassurance of some Scandi architectural style for the back-drop.

As a speaker driver manufacturer, and one of considerable repute at that, Dynaudio are able to have full control, top to bottom, of the manufacture of their products. Despite the new Chinese majority ownership, the vast majority of the manufacture remains in Denmark.

Unsurprisingly, the new Music range of portable all in one systems is manufactured in the Far East. The electronics nouse has come from Goertek but they come stuffed with Dynaudio’s own and very distinctive loudspeaker drivers.

More ‘crossover products’, such as Xeo and Focus XD combine traditional loudspeaker build with networked or wireless electronics.



Dynaudio Special 40

Initially, the Special 40 anniversary was our high point in our Dynaudio range. It didn’t take long, though,  before we were increasing our involvement.

This compact, moderately high end stand-mount is a stunning ambassador for the brand and celebrates 40 years (now passed) of Dynaudio’s existance.

Stealing the text from Dynaudio themselves, “what you won’t find here is anything revolutionary. Instead, you’ll discover a look at Dynaudio’s past – along with some special sneak-previews of the future.

The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. It’s the connoisseur’s choice – a simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers. But it isn’t about looking back, misty-eyed, at past glories and leaving it at that. It’s about using those glories as a platform from which to launch the next set of breakthroughs.”

Sounds about right . . .

All we can add is that we think these are genuinely special, that the edge-cut birch ply veneer in either grey or red looks sensational and that the performance belies the comparatively modest price. You can match the Special 40s with high end electronics. They’re worth it!

As of July 2019, only the grey finish remains and stocks of these will run out fairly soon.

Dynaudio Confidence

This is where Dynaudio get really serious. We have the Confidence 20 stand-mount pictured here along with the range-topping 60 towers. In fact, this is our very pair in one of our demo rooms.

We’ve already had the shock of the Contour sounding like a much larger loudspeaker, so it was less of a surprise to hear just how full-sized the modestly dimensioned Confidence 20 sound.

The content here is properly high end with clever materials and thoughtful implementations. This is a company that is aiming to break boundaries and the standard achieved here is genuinely breathtaking.

As always, the build quality, finishing and design is of a very high order, but here you get significantly more in all respects.  There is also an un-forced ability simply connect you with the music that you’re playing.

Here are the products.

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