Innuos Server / Rippers

The Innuos server is the “brain” of your home entertainment network. Your media is stored digitally on a low-power, always-on device ready for you to play whenever, wherever you like. Music and movies can be streamed to wireless speakers, media streamers, Smart TVs, tablets and more without the need for a computer.

Innuos specialise in dedicated music / media servers and have moved quite rapidly from the small-format-PC-in-a-box with adequate third party software to something neat, fast, slick and incredibly well-considered.

With products like these the operating software is a hugely important aspect and running their own ‘InnuOs’ software really seem to have it licked.

Add in the fact that they are very well priced, sound pretty damned good and have some of the best sorted control software that we’ve seen and you have something worth considering very seriously indeed. We carry Zen Mini, Zen and Zenith on demonstration.

These units are particularly effective when used through the USB output into a asynchronous USB equipped DAC. Most modern DACs from the Likes of Arcam, Chord, Rega, even Naim with the DAC V1, are suitable to be used in this way.

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