Kudos Audio are based in Willington, County Durham. The man behind them is Derek Gilligan and we have known him for a very long time!

The  Kudos ‘recipe’ is simple: Uncomplicated design with high quality ingredients. It works for restaurants and anyone who has seen either Derek or me will realise that neither of us are unfamiliar with the concept of eating.

The recipe certainly works here too. The range kicks of with the tiny and excellent X2 loudspeaker. This compact design fulfils the brief for maximum sound from minimum, space.

Bigger is better, though, and the, still fairly bijou, X3 does quite a lot more for a little more outlay. 

Things get a whole lot more serious with the C10 & Super 10 stand-mounts and C20 & Super 20 floor-standers. Above these come the rather lovely Titan T808.

All are very well suited to Naim and Linn electronics. Lively, open and engaging. Fun to listen to. If using with Naim, the NAC-A5 cable generally wins hands-down against alternatives – unless you can run to Super Lumina, that is.

The original Titan T88 was a surprising success for us. These were properly expensive speaker and not perhaps the best looking on the planet. Our sales of them ran into double figures. In the world of niche hi-fi this is quite a lot, honestly!

The new Titan T808 again takes us into uncharted territory, this time rather more rarefied than before. They were sort of test launched over 2015 at various shows and events. The ones used at our Audio Show East event in September ’15 were pretty much the finished article. The digital crossover settings for the active set-up in the Linn room at the same show turned out to be deeply flawed. This explained a number of things, not least the endless head scratching and tweaking. It’s a stressful game, doing public shows.

Final production got underway at the end of 2015 and we received our new speakers at the turn of 2016.


The one downside of the slow arrival of new Titans was that we didn’t have the T88 and T808 versions at the same time. With new electronics from Naim (NAP 500DR and Statement) bedding in and the need to run-in the T808 anyway, we missed any clear cut comparison of old and new.

This was resolved recently when a set of T88s were passing through. It has to be said that Derek really has moved the game forwards with the T808.

So, the inevitable ‘what are they like?’ question. Certainly in our current larger dem room, the answer is ‘sublime’. If you are seeking out a killer quality it’s the bass. It’s extended, clean and, even in  a room rather prone to misbehaviour, it’s utterly blameless. The coherence top to bottom is terrific too, though. These manage to make the old Titan seem a little spiky and uncouth.

So, yeah, they’re OK!

We could talk for days about Hi-Fi: 01394 672464 / 5 enq@signals.uk.com
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