All Lyras feature The New Angle on LP Reproduction.

“Although many MC cartridges have good performance, their sound is held back by how they are designed. The problem is, the signal coils should have the same angle as the magnetic circuit during playback, but MC cartridges are typically designed so that the opposite happens – applying normal tracking force pushes the coils out of alignment. This impairs coil sensitivity and linearity, and reduces sound quality.

Lyra’s “New Angle” technology solves this fundamental problem by compensating for how the signal coils are affected by vertical tracking forces, and optimally aligning the coils when it matters most – during playback. Introduced on the entry-level Delos, the New Angle technology enables the Delos to perform well above its price point.”

Lyra is based in Tokyo. Headed by Stig Bjorge from Norway, with American design engineer Jonathan Carr, and Japanese master craftsman Yoshinori Mishima making cartridges and supervising production. All products are manufactured in  Japan with microscopic attention to detail under the direct supervision of these three.

The supply situation tends to be a little variable, so best speak to us if you are interested. Trade-in allowances are 25% for any old Lyra against any new one. Re-builds are possible but it’s a slow process.

We could talk for days about Hi-Fi: 01394 672464 / 5
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