PMC loudspeakers

PMC have achieved an enviable level of success. They have managed to operate in two distinct worlds, the ugly-as-sin ‘Pro’ one and the looks-really-matter domestic one. It’s actually quite a feat.

The twenty series of speakers celebrated the milestone of twenty years in business and, now, lets think, five years later we have twenty5. Except that both series will coexist. Oh yes, it’s a retailer’s dream!

We were first (re) attracted to PMC for the fact 8. This slim attractive ‘scandi’ design performs like a proper high end speaker should. How often does that happen? Well twice, actually, fact 12 is even better!

The twenty series has done incredibly well for PMC. It brought a welcome dose of fresh air, encompassing some of the ‘fact’ technology, at an accessible price point.

Five years on, we now we have twenty5.

Interestingly, this does not actually replace the ‘old’ series, rather, it sits a little above it. Twenty will continue in black stained wood for the foreseeable future but at a reduced price. This lower price applies to any existing stock in the full range of finishes.

Twenty5 is more different than it appears. The boxes are actually slightly wider, structure more robust. Spiking is better managed and the only carry-over components are the screws that fix the tweeter, apparently. Cone material for the new bass / mid drivers is G-weave (it involves glass fibre). The Advanced Transmission Line loading remains but the drivers are now longer throw. The Laminair air-flow management is therefore used to speed movement of this increased volume. Cabinets are noticeably heavier too.

For sure, they are better in terms of resolution, bass extension, and refinement. More significantly, they are more musical, too. But the increased bass heft could be of relevance to some users.

Where, occasionally, you might have found the smaller twenty speakers a little lightweight, the twenty5 series are more muscular. They will generally need a little more room to breath. This is certainly the case in our smaller dem room.

Of course, we have them on demonstration so that you can figure all of this stuff out!

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