The suspicion that we’ve harboured that Q Acoustics simply badge off-the-peg far-eastern speakers, but somehow get really lucky with them turns out to be some way wide of the mark.

The reality is actually very impressive.

Q Acoustics’ UK-based professional ears, which come in the shape of the immensely likeable and charismatic Steve Reichert, see below, travel regularly to Germany to work with speaker design guru, Karl-Heinz Fink and his team.

Together, they form a ‘crack team’ of speaker designers.

The design brief for Q Acoustics products is very straight forward. Simply to design and produce the very best affordable loudspeakers in the world. Not of course the world’s best speakers at any price; but certainly the world’s best speakers ‘for the money’.

Q Acoustics – the best affordable speakers in the world!

With their team from the world’s most experienced and successful loudspeaker designers, they are 100% confident they have been successful. The results speak for themselves. Q Acoustics speakers receive prestigious awards and universal acclaim from consumers and expert reviewers alike. Everyone agrees that Q Acoustics products deliver a sonic performance unequalled at their price.

In 2014 Q Acoustics enjoyed great success at the What Hi-Fi? Awards winning an impressive five awards;-“Best Stereo Speaker £200-£400” / “Product of the Year” – Winner: Concept 20″Best Stereo Speakers up to £600″ – Winner: 2050i”Best Soundbar £300-£600″ – Winner: M4 Soundbar”Best Traditional Speaker Package up to £700″ Winner: 2000i 5.1″Best Style Speaker Package £700-£1,000″ – Winner: Q7000i

Newly released products in 2015 have been gaining rave reviews with the Q Acoustics 3020 gaining a 5 Star Award from What Hi-Fi? Magazine and the Q Acoustics 3000 5.1 winning Best Buy awards from Home Cinema Choice and AV Forums.

We have spent some time with Steve listening to the range here and I must say that we were deeply impressed both at his own sense of judgement, ability to squeeze the best from them and, ultimately, at what is achieved for the asking prices.

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