And now, the Red 150 floor-standers. We had the first public-ready samples at our Audio Show East in September 2015 and some playing with them here in advance of the event brought home just what significant products these are.

If your preference is for Naim and have fond memories of the SL2, you are likely to like these. A lot.

I’d say that the the Red 150 actually trounces the SL2 in terms of resolution, scale, extension, neutrality and probably speed too, but the SL2 nevertheless was the one speaker that came to mind when listening.

Development has been on the back of Classe electronics but they are very well matched to even seriously high end Naim systems. They were persuasive enough with the more modest NAC-N 272 Streamer / pre / XPS / NAP250 DR for us to use this for the public demonstrations.

Mind you, Russell was not happy until NAC-A5 had been replaced with Super Lumina.

After all, he has standards . . .

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