It’s event time!

We’ve now returned from our short break. The seagulls send their best 🙂

It’s time we got our act together and started planning some events. Yes, I know, it’ll be just around the time the grown-ups start disappearing on holiday . . .

First up is our participation at the tail end of the Vertere ‘Running the Groove’ tour. We are holding this on 25th and 26th August.

We’re very much in the hands of company founder and all round guru, Touraj Moghaddam for this. He and Mike Burn will be here to explain and demonstrate the steps towards audio nirvana.

In our large space we’ll have : MG-1 MKII record player vs. SG-1 record player, partnered with the reference Naim Statement amplification and Dynaudio Confidence 60 loudspeakers.

For a more intimate system in one of the smaller dem rooms there will be a DG-1S record player with Sabre cartridge running into the new Naim New Classic NSC 222 preamp / streamer / new NAP250 power amp and NPX300 power supply with Dynaudio Confidence 30 loudspeakers.

Changes can be made to combinations as required.

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We hope that the Spartans will forgive the tongue in cheek use of the graphic, although I seem to recall that they were unlikely to ever forgive the film that it advertised! In September, we will be joined by Naim’s Jason Gould and Darren Woodyatt for the launch of the next, and potentially most exciting, products in the New Classic series.

So far, we’ve been deeply impressed with the NSC 222 streamer / preamp and new NAP 250 power amplifier but also, perhaps even more significantly, by the new blindingly effective NPX 300 power supply.

From this 300 series we will be demonstrating the new NSS 333 stand-alone streamer, NAC 332 preamp and monoblock NAP 350 power amplifiers.

Both the NSS 333 and NAC 332 can be powered internally or from this NPX 300 power supply, so I’m sure we will show the differences that these upgrades bring.

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Some more good news from Naim

The launch of both the 200 & 300 Series New Classic ranges this year has given Naim black-box customers the opportunity to enhance their systems for the first time in over a decade. We understand that some of these Naim owners will be reluctant to change what they love, but we know there’s unfulfilled potential in each of those setups.

To help encourage existing customers to incorporate New Classic, Naim are now offering any cabling required for the integration into an existing system free of charge. This includes signal cables through to power supply Burndy cables, all free of charge with the purchase of any New Classic product.*

All the customer needs to do is provide proof of their existing Classic system, discuss their New Classic requirements with us and identify the cabling required.

The longevity of Naim products is a point of pride for both naim and, us, the retailer and we hope this reinforces that messaging with our loyal customers, alongside providing an opportunity for them to get more from their Naim equipment.

The new PMC Prodigy series was mentioned a few months ago. We had been particularly impressed by the compact Prodigy 1 stand-mounts and were awaiting our demonstration examples along with the the Prodigy 5 floor-standers.

Both sets duly arrived but the 5’s were badly mangled in transit. Stocks were low, so resolution took a while. As of now, we have a fresh pair of Prodigy 5’s running in to join their smaller siblings. These are impressive little offerings well worth casting your ears over.

And finally, a new arrival that we’re playing with at the moment is the Quadratic MC step-up transformer.

It’s all gone a little back to the future these days. With Naim in particular putting some very accomplished Moving Magnet stages in their more recent offerings, Nait XS3, SuperNait 3, NSC 222 and Nait 50, making use of this input for a wider range of cartridges makes a lot of sense.

So far, we’ve had limited opportunity to judge it critically but the early vibes are good. This is a very compact, nicely built product, from the USA. At £1895, it’s not cheap, but then good MC step-up transformers never are.

Having mentioned the Nait 50, I should add that we now have one on demonstration and even have a small number in stock. The production run is genuinely limited 1973 units. We’ve sold a few and we ordered a few more.