Message received from Naim Friday 12 October 2018 regarding supply:

“As I’m sure you’ve seen from your own sales, the popularity of Naim Audio’s new streamers – especially our flagship ND555 network player – has stimulated overwhelming demand for key products in our range, notably:•

  • NAC 552
  • NAP 500-DR
  • NAPS 500
  • NAPS 552-DR
  • UnitiCore

We are taking every possible step to increase production to meet demand, but in order to set realistic expectations, when ordering any of the above you will now be given a January 2019 shipping date. We will, of course, update you on any change to that date in coming weeks.

We know this news will be disappointing, but we assure you the wait for hand-crafted hi-fi will be worth it!

In additional news, we will not be putting any prices up for the above products or indeed anything in the Classic or 500 Series range for 2019.”