April news

Happy Easter and welcome to the beginning of the second year of us all dealing with a COVID-altered world.

What interesting times these are. For a start, I seem to be getting into the rhythm of producing some sort of news sheet on a far more regular basis than ever before. Whether this will be at the expense of it being interesting, only time and the level of ‘un-subscriptions’ will tell.

Our business year aligns with the financial one so runs from April to March. This brings the trading effects of COVID into quite sharp focus. Short version : we, indeed the whole HiFi industry, have been in the ‘lucky’ group.

Thanks to all who have been buying from us. Without you . . . etc.

Despite the buoyancy of the overall sales, one of the COVID effects has been that most of our demonstration loudspeakers are now ready for stock rotation. Yes, crass I know, but I’m talking about deals!

Rather than list everything, please tell us what you could be looking for and we will see what we have. A few examples are listed in the ex demonstration section of the web site, but they are the tip of an iceberg.

New: Linn Klimax DSM 3

Linn have just released their latest, greatest, Klimax, the DSM3. It costs £30k regardless of specification and is available, silver or black in either stereo or multichannel versions.

We are excited to say that we have this here already. So far, we’ve only played it directly into ATC SCM50 active loudspeakers and it has impressed us greatly. The replay environment has not been completely optimal and there have been some useful network related items lent out. On top of that, our ND555 has been elsewhere, so the inevitable show-down has yet to happen. It will be very interesting.

The key news here is that we have it bedding in and will be very happy to play it to you when we re-open to the public.

In physical terms, this is a very appealing device. From the record grove machining on the top to the way the display works, it is a real treat. It’s also properly and reassuringly chunky and heavy. Oh, and it really does sound very promising indeed. Very engaging with high resolution unflustered confidence and solidity.

Technology followers are pleased that Linn have gone to FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) architecture. Yup, straight over my head.

The gist is that this allows the designer unusual design freedom to make the DAC do exactly what they want. The not inconsiderable downside is the high level of work and, therefore, cost involved.

The new DAC is called Organik, which brings an irrational smile. Suspect the the product making brainstorm was a laugh.

Introducing Mu-so Wood edition

Mu-so Wood Edition is crafted from Ayous, a sustainable African hardwood, which is then expertly treated with a high gloss finish. The acoustically transparent speaker grille is an exclusive design for this edition.

Priced at £1599, we have these in stock.

Inconvenient truth?

Last month, I enthused about the new £10200 Accuphase DP-570 CD/SACD player / DAC. This elicited a couple of enquires. One was from a DP-430 owner who wondered about the DP-570 or the similarly priced C-47 phono stage. In the end, he opted for both (knock us down with a feather!) and, in the process of bedding it in, we learned that it is far, far better as a CD player than it is as a DAC. Bear in mind that I thought the DAC performance was particularly good.

The second enquirer was similarly impressed and also ended up buying. This resulted in us taking the only two UK stock units. Next available supply is in July . . .

We had a visit the other day from Chris, our redoubtable Accuphase ‘pusher’ with some other items that we had ordered and he brought along a £18500 DP-750 for us to hear. Knowing that we no longer have a 570, he brought his own unit for comparison.

Talk about an inconvenient truth! The step up is utterly remarkable. We played these into our 650 amp sited on Lateral stands in our smaller dem room. Speakers were Dynaudio Heritage specials sited on the solid steel tripods. The system sounded especially phenomenal when we used a super high end MusicWorks mains block that we must never talk about or advertise. The DP-750 has been around for a couple of years, so we knew of its existence but we thought it irrelevant. Looks like we’ve now gone and ordered one . . .

There is a complication here, though. As with the DP-570, the DAC section, when accessed separately, is secondary to the CD / SACD replay performance. Running, oh, let’s say, a Melco server into the DC-37 DAC gives tangibly superior (and cheaper) results. Clunky old silver disc direct replay is being handled unusually and exceptionally well by these Accuphase players. Ain’t life a bitch!

There is a two box (950) version above the 750 that, I guess, would allow the DAC full reign, but think we need to slow down a little!

One-off Easter offer!

One package only, all brand new with full 5 year warranty.

Naim Uniti Nova and Focal Kanta 2 loudspeakers in walnut veneer with grey fronts. 4m NAC-A 5 speaker cable RRP £11578 offered for £9000