Linn Arko

Arko is an original, high-performance tonearm and Linn’s first brand new model since 2006.

Describing it as ‘effortful’, Linn have clearly been putting the hours in!

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Linn Arko is an original, high-performance tonearm and Linn’s first entirely new model since 2006. Rigid in construction and fluid of motion, great effort was taken during this tonearm’s development to ensure that it retains both fundamental simplicity and superlative performance. 

Arko has greatly improved rigidity, precision and coupling throughout the arm wand assembly, thanks to machined 7075-grade aluminium specified throughout; and the new stainless steel through spindle as well as the ultra-stable gimbal platform facilitates superb bearing concentricity and alignment.

Special care and effort was taken to ensure that 7075-grade aluminium would be used exclusively throughout the arm – from headshell to gimbal – with the resultant material synergy and coupling effectively banishing undesirable resonances away from the delicate generator, and out through the sub-chassis.

Marry Arko to its partner cartridge, Kendo, and this synergy is improved yet further with superior dissipation of resonance along the tonearm system.

Key Features 

Machined aluminium headshell with elongated form factor and slots to accommodate a broad range of cartridges & reduce moving mass

Precision machined slots on counterweight to enable accurate setting of tracking force

High-precision, cold-drawn 7075 aluminium arm tube is incredibly stiff and produced to exceedingly high tolerances

Gimballed design possesses superb inherent stability and rigidity; and results in an improved sense of depth, impact and emotion

7075-grade aluminium specified throughout; providing superior coupling between parts and exceptional dissipation of resonance

Optimised to partner with Kendo MC (moving coil) cartridge

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