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Nait 50

My oh my. Having had the misery last week of supplying our first arrivals to good and loyal customers who have been waiting patiently, this week we’ve been given dispensation by others who are happy to wait a little longer to open one up and actually play it. This might prove to be a risky strategy . . .

I should explain that, due to some parts shortages, Nait 50s are coming through from Salisbury more as a trickle than a flow.

The retro packaging completely replicates the Naim boxes of old (but comes in a brown cardboard outer to keep it clean). Unusually for a Naim product with a power supply in it, this thing is fairly light in weight. Having said that, it’s still a little heavier than the green illuminated Nait.

Casework is marginally deeper than the original NAIT and paintwork smoother than the original’s coarse crackle.  Visually, a white LED and headphone socket is pretty much all we have to differentiate them.

There is no remote control but an excellent in-built MM phono stage is provided. In keeping with what we were playing 50 years ago, we’ve fired it up with a turntable. A Rega Planar 8 with Exact MM cartridge, to be precise.

Having been warned that they can be rather thin and edgy out of the box, we were surprised at how muscular and grown-up it sounds. For loudspeakers, we’ve so far used Dynaudio Special 40s, which will happily reveal an edgy or  sub-standard amplifier and Falcon LS 3/5A’s.

Both sound very, very good indeed on it. Nait 50 might score nil points for facilities but as a music playing amplification device, it’s absolutely beautiful. Textured, tonally rich, tight and clean. Every positive adjective you could want can be applied, even a large and deep soundstage. It’s very reminiscent of the new Classic components to which it’s technologically related.

Our original highly collectable NAIT would probably benefit from a service but it does not come close to what this new Nait 50 can do.

Now on demonstration. It really does deserve to be heard. Roll up while potential stocks still last!

The spiel:

To celebrate Naim’s 50th anniversary (1973 – 2023) and all these years of shared passion for sound, Naim have reissued their first ever, iconic integrated amplifier: NAIT 1.Made in England, NAIT 50 is presented in a limited-edition of 1973 pieces.

Back to the future

NAIT 50 is the worthy successor of NAIT 1, Naim’s integrated amplifier released in 1983. Our engineers have been sure to preserve the DNA of NAIT 1, whilst making technical improvements to the circuits thanks to their unique expertise. Some of the new features on this anniversary edition include: a 1/4” (6.35mm) jack headphone output, so you can enjoy all types of listening. Behind its sleek design, NAIT 50 also delivers top notch sound quality.

The ultimate listening experience

Fully regulated 25W of power per channel, three input selections (MM phono, Stream, Aux), a discrete transistor MM phono stage: NAIT 50 combines power, performance and versatility. It reproduces the most exacting dynamics with all the confidence and authority we have come to expect from a Naim amplifier. It can be linked with all loudspeaker types, as well as a streamer, for the ultimate hi-fi system. 


Naim products are designed to be both contemporary and timeless. Our creations forgo any unnecessary adornments that detract from performance and sound quality. Handcrafted in the Naim workshops, NAIT 50 benefits from uncompromising design quality and presents a meticulous aesthetic. The front panel combines tradition and modernity, with a nod to the design codes of NAIT 1.

Price is £2699 inc VAT but this cannot be sold online.


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