Vertere DG-1S Dynamic Groove

Decades of experience have been poured into the DG-1S to create a turntable that’s on the leading edge of high-end audio while positioning itself as one of the most accessible premium record players around. On demonstration.

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The award-winning DG-1 just got better. The new DG-1S delivers higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts and improved stereo separation with greater precision while at the same time keeping the musicality the DG-1 is known for.

This is the entry point into the Vertere range. The striking design is matched by high quality execution and performance.

With the DG-1S we are dipping our toes into the Vertere range. If you are interested in one of the more ambitions models, please say. I’m sure we can make it so . . .

The new DG-1S comes with a choice of advanced Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges and the MM versions running straight into the new Naim NSC 222 has been a revelation.


New 5-ply tonearm beam

New 5-ply Groove Runner S Top and Lower beams possess much higher acoustic linearity than their predecessor.

Top and Lower beams are bonded and riveted to ensure optimum rigidity combined with linear resistive damping.

Couple the above with the inherent critical damping of the beam construction and we have an ideal platform to support the cartridge.

Improved tonearm bearings

Groove Runner S Kevlar thread bearing is now adjustable for tension and azimuth. With the new Azimuth Adjustment Counterweight Screw, finer azimuth setting is made easier and more accurately to enhance cartridge performance.

New higher tolerance super polished main bearing spindle

DG-1S utilises a higher tolerance matched main bearing with super polished bearing spindle for ultra-smooth, noise-free running. The new bearing ensures even quieter background further enhancing dynamic range and resolution.

New Motor Drive software

The new motor drive software facilitates a three step factory adjustment of the motor torque and noise setting with a final minimum noise adjustment. The new software allows an initial setting of the sine wave voltage and fixes it to establish the reference. A separate, independent cosine wave voltage setting with phase angle adjustment ensures lowest noise and vibration from the drive motor.

“This new generation of DG-1 builds on the excellent original to remain at the forefront of turntables at this level. We haven’t come across a similarly priced alternative that sounds as entertaining and informative as this. Buy with confidence.”

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