Another of the trio dating to 1973, Linn Products describe themselves as a musically-led precision engineering company and have been around since 1973.

Their purpose-built factory at Eaglesham, near Glasgow, designed by Richard Rogers, is testamant to their willingness to invest in best practice. Despite the famous levels of automation, the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff is a joy to behold.

Unusually, too, they make pretty much every part of the product, even the casework, in house so a factory tour covers a lot of processes that are rarely seen elsewhere. 

Linn are, of course, famous for the Sondek LP12 turntable but they are also leaders in the field of music streaming.

The LP12 needs no introduction. This is almost certainly the world’s best known turntable.

Starting at around £3000 for the Majik with arm and cartridge and ending somewhere close to oblivion, it is capable of results that can still shame the highest tech digital sources available today. This makes it either pure dead brilliant or deeply inconvenient, depending on your viewpoint.

Either way, we are happy to demonstrate at a variety of levels right to the top of the tree.

Co-director Andy Heavens has learned a great deal about the ways of the LP12 over the last few years. Initially trained by Linn and then with his skills honed by practice, he is definitely a safe pair of hands for any servicing or upgrade work.

There are plenty of options too, with even the basic power supply choice including good quality third party items such as the Hercules through Linn’s own Majik and Lingo to the DC powered Radikal. 

Sub chassis upgrades from Linn are the Kore and Keel. Top plates by Tiger Paw and, now, Tangerine make big positive differences too. 

Even Tiger Paw’s sKale weight for Ittok, Ekos or Aro brings proper improvement.

We have a wide range of cartridges to hand from Dynavector, Kiseki, Linn, Lyra, Ortofon and Sumiko. 

There are two Linn stand-alone phono stages, Uphorik and Urika. The latter fits inside the turntable plinth and takes its power from the Radikal PSU.

Majik is the first rung of Linn’s audiophile products. There is the entry LP12, a stand-alone streamer, integrated amplifier, power amps, the all in one Majik DSM pictured here along with a couple of matching loudspeakers. These feature the new Exakt technology.

The 109’s are sitting on the window sill. Like you do 🙂

The Majik DSM has evolved into something rather impressive. The feature count is huge. Along with all the DS products, it can access music located on a network or even take the audio from an HDMi stream. You can send audio via Apple Airplay.

As well as their own speakers, we’ve had stunning results with the Kudos C10 and C20, PMCs and others.

At the top of the tree comes the Klimax DSM streamer / pre with Exakt links and a brace of stereo power amplifiers.

In conventional mode, these units can be used to single, bi or tri-amplify passive speakers. With the addition of an Exakt box, they can drive Linn’s own or suitable third party speakers actively.

We have a number of options here and three Klimax Twins running into the new Kudos T808 Titans is pretty impressive.


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