another invitation . . . or two

Welcome to our little Autumn news burst.

First of all, we bring you invitations to two more Signals events, almost certainly the last of this memorable year.

The next ‘do’, is on Tuesday 15th November. It’s an opportunity to hear Dynaudio’s various loudspeaker offerings in the presence of Dynaudio’s Otto Jørgensen and Bill Livingston. The latter bears a passing resemblance to Sideshow Bob, so we simply could not resist the above graphic.

It should be an amusing and informative afternoon / evening. The new Dynaudio Focus digital active speakers are proper high fidelity offerings that do things that non hi-fi people want.

Hell, if they’re good enough for studios . . . come and have a listen.

Refreshments will be provided.

Click here for more information & to book Dynaudio event

Chord Ultima at Signals

On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd December, we are holding an open event showcasing the Chord Ultima amplification. We will be joined by Maurice Tryner from Chord Electronics and will have several systems operating in the various rooms.

Accompanying loudspeakers will be from ATC, Dynaudio, Kudos and Russell K.

Numbers are deliberately limited so that this can be an enjoyable experience. As usual, refreshments will be supplied.

Click here to book Chord event

Please note that, due to the ongoing issue of increasing production costs, there will be some price rises on Chord Electronics products at the end of November.  Not everything is going up, but quite a few are by about 5%.

Announcing the arrival of Vertere

Fresh to us is this high end UK turntable brand. For now, we are acclimatising ourselves to their ‘entry’ level product, the DG1S. DG stands for Dynamic Groove and it’s a succinct description of its abilities. Clarity, dynamics and timing are all top notch. This is a significantly better deck than the original DG1 that we heard a year or two ago and it compares very well with the obvious alternatives.

The Vertere price list is a terrifying thing and they list their most expensive items first, I’m not sure if the intention is to intimidate, but it sure as hell works! It therefore becomes a surprise to discover that the DG1S actually sounds like very good value. I suspect we will be drawn into the Vertere web in due course.

For now we can borrow anything we need or you can come and hear what we already have, which is this turntable with various upgrade options, including an excellent matching phono stage, power supplies, cables, and a choice of three Vertere branded cartridges.

Random thought: was that an Oxford comma back there?

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