It’s the season!

With the evenings now well and truly drawn in and clocks rolled back, we have entered what is knowingly referred to as the hifi season. Sure enough it has been cold but I had to look back to early 2021 to find this picture of our frozen car park with bird and human footprints.

It risks the kiss of death to say it, but sales over 2023 have been gratifyingly robust. Huge thanks to all who’ve entrusted us with their business. It has certainly helped that Naim’s new 200 & 300 series are both in production and freely available. Even better, they are every bit as good as we had hoped.

Read all about new Naim Classic here


There has been a signals tradition of writing and printing an end-of-year newsletter, coming up with some sort of dubious Christmas Card and posting the whole caboodle out just in time for the Christmas holidays.

This year, I fear that I’ve left things far too late so I hope you will accept our sincere best Christmas wishes by this medium. I promise that we will donate a decent chunk of money to St Elizabeth’s Hospice in lieu of all the effort we’ve not expended.

In mitigation, our rather intensive 30th anniversary yearbook was generated earlier this year and we still have masses in stock. They are free to callers. You’ll even get a free drink and, maybe a mince pie!

Tangerines and other things

(after all, it’s Christmas)



This little device has been taking the Linn world by storm, certainly if the LP12 Facebook group is anything to go by. We were asked by a customer if we could supply one and, well, they come in packs of four, so we’ve got stock!

So far, we’ve tried it on a mid spec LP12 and were surprised that the changes, and they were improvements, were so clear cut. Everything sounded more focused, bass lines better defined and somehow the music had a greater sense of commitment. Weird. That’s pretty much what they say on their spiel, copied below. Second play was on a Rega Planar 10 with Aphelion II and it gave a slightly diluted version of above. It’s available from us via mail order and, as such, can be returned if it fails to impress.

“Evenstar weighs 118gm, is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, anodised and finished in satin silver. The side that makes contact with the vinyl rests on three machined lands. The topside has a machined-out recess which aids weight distribution and gentle down force.​ There are no adverse affects on the suspension or bearing.

The point is to stabilise the record and make the job of the stylus more optimal – this results in a better sound quality. There is a clarity to the sound and greater authority.​ Evenstar is a high quality accessory at an affordable price.”

It comes in a lovely colourful bag tucked inside the black circular box. It also appears to do what it says on the spin (sorry).

Buy it here!

Focal Bathys

With the ‘Black Friday’ deal on (standard grey) Bathys (and other Focal ‘phones) still in place, now’s a good time to pick up some of these remarkable wireless noise-cancelling ‘phones.

Come to think of it, the entire Black Friday section on the site is well worth a plunder.

Meze ‘phones, particularly Classic 99 and the 109 Pro’s are extraordinarily good value. If you’re tempted by the 109, it could be worth trying them first, they are not comfortable for all listeners.


Our almost everlasting Black Friday deals

Meze Headphones

Vertiginous Vertere

Kevin’s Facebook post of our new Vertere SG1 Turntable glowing in the gloom atop a whole pile of new Naim 300 series components and next to the Statement went near as dammit viral on Facebook a few weeks ago.

We’ve spent far too little time playing with this admittedly pricey new toy but it really does have a certain quality about it.

Not sure that we’ve entirely got a handle on this retail business, though. Following the open day with Touraj and Mike from Vertere we’re the ones buying the borderline looney high end turntable!

We had a very decent turn-out for the event, though and are finding the Vertere cables to be increasingly useful (I.E. sellable). It’s all the long game!

Getting back to Facebook for a moment, we’re just a little perplexed that the Audio Show East page is getting an inordinate number of ‘likes’ whereas the Signals one, where all the new posts go, gets far fewer. How does this work?

Vertere ‘running the groove’ at signals

Rega Naia

Hard on the heels of Vertere’s (almost) finest, we have Rega’s new high end Naia. Armed with the same Aphelion cartridge as our very similar looking Planar 10, we can report that the Naia comprehensively outclasses it.

Better bearing, different materials for the Tonearm, different chassis, revised, thicker, platter . . . lot’s of seemingly small changes add up to a considerable amount of progress. Naia may have taken Rega a long time but, my goodness, it was worth the wait.

We have the entire Rega range on demonstration, so, when you’ve done the Christmas shopping, feel free to book a listen.

In case you’re wondering, we have all the official permutations of the Linn LP12 on hand too, along with some ‘specials’. It’s why Saint Cecilia’s House looks so consistently cluttered.

Also from Rega, we now have our demonstration pair of the Aya concrete loudspeakers. Despite the recycled school joke, the castings are made in the south west of England by a company that specialises in concrete worktops etc for the home. Honestly, buy a pair of these and Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs will be round to do a feature!


A few years into dealing with Accuphase and I guess we are just about coming to terms with the combination of restricted supply and regular product replacements. The product cycle is roughly 5 years and it is perfectly usual for supply to come in dribs and drabs.

We have the E-4000 class A/B integrated amplifier back on demonstration along with E-380 and A-650. We have a collection of their CD players and preamps too. Our A-75 power amplifier is going to a new home and the new A-80 will replace it in January. The new C-2300 preamp will be along at much the same time.

Just before Christmas we will have a trade-in C2150 and A-48 arriving, so if either (or both) of those appeal, feel free to tip us off 🙂

On the trade-in front, we have both passive and active ATC SCM 40s in cherry veneer due to come in when the corresponding SCM 50s arrive to replace them. Both sets are fairly young and in excellent condition.

Here’s where the deals appear

and finally . . .

We will be closing for the Christmas period a little after midday on Saturday 23rd December and returning on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

Thanks again to all who have been keeping us afloat during 2023, not to mention for the previous 30 years! We hope you have a marvellous and musical Christmas period.

Our very best wishes,

Alastair, Andy, Mick and that Kevin bloke who does the videos.