PMC Loudspeaker range
We hope you are keeping well and the summer is bringing joy.

Welcome to a slightly delayed late summer edition of our newsletter. With deliveries from just about everyone running slow, why not the newsletter too?

Already my 2021 resolution to avoid any sort of negativity is going off track. Deep breath. Relax. The Ever Given has finally made it to Felixstowe with summer bargains for the autumn. All is good with the world.

Is there much new to report? Well, not a huge amount but, spookily, we do have the odd new arrival.

For a start, we’ve turned over a fair number of our demonstration PMC loudspeakers so now have fresh examples of the Twenty5 i and fact series getting loosened up and run in. The rather lovely fact 8 Signature is in proper walnut veneer. As you can see above, the walnut is looking particularly striking on the 24i too.

Bluesound PowerNode
If you can’t beat ‘em . . . !

Bluesound has been bubbling around in the background for us for some while. We’ve been asked about it several times and it keeps cropping up in customers systems.

The £549 Node, is a popular fairly low cost source component that we’ve seen used either directly or indirectly (via a DAC) into amplifiers that we sell. It’s a capable device with masses of features and flexibility. It’s actually rather good too. Who knew? 🙂

The PowerNode, pictured above, is slightly larger and is a fully featured system in a box with decent power output to drive loudspeakers. It’s priced at £849 and, last weekend we hooked one up to some new Dynaudio Emit 30 loudspeakers so that both electronics and speakers could bed in. When we returned to the demo room on Tuesday morning, I had to wrestle with the fact that the whole damned £2150 system sounded genuinely excellent. Far better than it had any right to.

We like to pitch this as being suitable for secondary locations such as studies etc but truth is that for many it’ll make a more than satisfactory main system. With HDMI ARC and digital inputs, both Node and PowerNode can integrate with TV audio with ease. They can access all known online streaming services (I think) from Amazon Music to Qobuz. Roon compliant, MQA too.

Click the image above and you can read all about them. The Snappily titled Pulse Flex 2i active speakers can be used singly or in stereo pairs. Now they are excellent for kitchen, studies. With the optional battery, even outside.

Naim Solstice Turntable package
Calling their new turntable Solstice and launching it on the Summer Solstice at 04:31 Monday 21st June 2021 was a cracking idea. The decks were supposed to be at the dealerships at or close to that time too.

Sadly, due to unavoidable production problems, the delivery of our demonstration example has been put back to towards the end of September. This is in part due to the entirely laudable desire to make sure that all dealers get their decks on the same day.

We’ve managed to have a fairly quick listen to an example and it certainly made an impression on us.

I expect you’re impressed that I’ve avoided mentioning that it can next be on time at 15:58 on Tuesday 21 December 2021.

At least we’ll be open then. . .

New Emit Range
A little way back I mentioned the £1299 Dynaudio Emit 30 speakers. The new Emit range arrived a few weeks ago and has landed well with us. The new Emit 30 is a cracker, vastly more capable than the previous generation M30. We have the 10, 20 and 30 on site but can get our hands on Emit 50 or even the centre speaker if required.

Click the above image for more information. They are all ‘click to buy’ on our site and can be demonstrated. All strike us as being at the top of the tree for what can be expected at the relevant price points.

On the subject of prices, there will be some rises in the near future on some of the longer established Dynaudio models. The Emit range will be unscathed but some changes are expected in Evoke, Contour and Confidence.

Meanwhile in Denmark, stocks of the limited edition Heritage series are now running low. We still have some of our own stock but the end is nigh! Last orders, I guess.

Emit 30 review



Audiolab DC Block

DC Block

A new low cost tweak is the £99 DC blocker. Certainly on ‘sensible’ amplification, it really works.

Best we keep our heads down with the Naim 500 owning powerline / MW block users out there though 🙂

We have a few in stock with more due soon. Click picture to read more.

Kudos KS1

OK. Cards on the table. On a Naim system, I / we would prefer NAC-A 5 speaker cable. But, even then, not everyone hears it this way and this is a steady seller via mail order on our web site.

Move over to other makes of electronics, including those weird golden things we do from Japan, and, well, I think we’ve been underselling it. This is blooming good stuff!

The Kudos speakers are great too, we have pretty much all of them, right up to Titan 808, on dem.

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Naim Uniti range at signals

Naim Audio

With Naim Uniti products now being available far more widely online these days, hell, you can even buy NAC-A5 in John Lewis, we have the paradoxical situation that virtually everyone lists Uniti but due to the current woeful supply situation almost no-one actually has any.

I expect you know where this is heading . . . yes, we have all uniti products in stock and on dem too. Atoms are a little thin on the ground but we do have a couple of them, Star, Nova and Core too. Click the image above for what we have available right now.

On top of that, we’ve stocked up in HiCap and Supercap DR for the good old ‘upgrade paths’ stuff. We have Supernait 3 and ND5XS 2 in stock too. Other items, such as NDX 2 are some way along the order path, so should not be too far away. As always, just talk to us.

Our love affair with Accuphase has continued to bubble along. Beyond the expected ongoing amplification sales, we have found ourselves selling our second, pretty damned high end (£18,000 odd) DP-750 CD player.

This truly is a remarkable piece of kit, casting the already splendid DP-570 in the shade. We’ve now cracked and are getting another for demonstration use. That should stop sales stone dead 🙂

Just to add misery, there is a new two box £40k two box DC1000 / DP1000 combo due in the UK at any moment. Can there actually be some interest here?

And finally. . .

With turntables from Linn, Rega, Pro-Ject, Mobile Fidelity and Nottingham cluttering the place, we also have a more than commensurate number of demonstration cartridges, including Lyras up to Etna SL level, various examples from Dynavector, Ortofon, Audio Technica, Kiseki, Linn and Rega. A small sample pictured above.

We really can ‘do the business’ with high end vinyl replay.