Accuphase AD-60

High- performance phono equalizer amp for playback of analog records.

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High-performance phono equalizer amp for playback of records.

  • MC/MM switching is possible on the front panel of the enabled device.
  • Internal DIP switches control MC input impedance and subsonic filter on/off.

The AD-60 is a high-performance, MC/MM cartridge compatible phono equalizer amp for truly enjoyable playback of analog records when installed in any Accuphase preamplifier or integrated amplifier. It features the latest circuitry topology and carefully selected high-quality materials for exceptional noise suppression and superior RIAA equalization. With MC input, the most suitable impedance for the cartridge in use can be selected from 30, 100, 200 or 300 Ohms. The board also incorporates a subsonic filter to cut excessive woofer flutter caused by warped records. When installed in an amplifier with switching capabilities, the amp’s front panel controls can be used for MC/MM switching, MC input impedance selection, and turning the subsonic filter on/off. The AD-60 lets true music connoisseurs enjoy the reemerging world of playing traditional records.

MC : Moving Coil type
Gain : 66 dB
Input Impedance : 30/100/200/300 ohms (selectable)
MM : Moving Magnet type
Gain : 40 dB
Input Impedance : 47 kilohms
Subsonic filter : 25Hz -12dB/octave

GUARANTEED SPECIFICATIONS ( Measured according to IEC 60268-3 ) When attached to the C-2300.

Switch Position Sensitivity S/N ratio (EIA)
MM 2.5mV 80dB
MC 0.126mV 68dB

SUBSONIC FILTER : 25Hz -12dB / octave

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