Dating back to 1972, Accuphase is a low volume manufacturer, hand building their products to a remarkably high standard in Japan.

We’ve been extremely impressed by what we’ve heard and have started stocking a few key components.
‘Music is an oasis that refreshes us in our journey of life’

Despite the plethora of facilities, the tone controls, plug in phono and DAC modules, these amplifiers have warmth, clarity and dynamics in spades.

The Accuphase range encompasses a couple of CD Player / DACs, pre, power and integrated amplifiers. Quality and musicality is impressive. Here, we are showing what we have on demonstration. Other items can be brought in for demonstration. The existence of a decently high end DAC cum CD player could be handy.

Impressively, Accuphase are one of very few audio companies to manufacture their own CD mechanisms.

Sightly bafflingly, Accuphase don’t want dealers to publish prices. We will endeavour to have the price list to hand should you ask!

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