New Sondek LP12 Developments

Short version of a blizzard of new ‘mid-range’ Linn products.

We have ordered examples of all the relevant parts and should be able to demonstrate the new kit within the next few weeks. The Linn price list on our site covers all the new arrivals.

We are excited to share with you today an array of new Sondek LP12 components, and a refresh in our lineup of pre-configured turntable packages. We’re always proud when we can expand the range of performance enhancements available to Sondek owners worldwide, regardless of where they are on their journey to vinyl perfection.First up is Arko, an all-new, original gimballed tonearm.

It is joined in the central tier of the Sondek component range by its perfect partner – Kendo – an elite performance moving coil cartridge.

Krane first debuted in early 2020 and has featured as part of every Majik LP12 shipped since; we are pleased to announce that this adept entry-level tonearm is now available to order as a standalone upgrade for the very first time.

Also at Majik-level, we present a formidable first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil cartridges – Koil.

Akurate LP12 has stepped aside to make way for a new model designation, with our mid-tier turntable package being henceforth rebadged as Selekt LP12 – with Arko and Kendo fitted as standard.

There are now two Majik LP12 variants to choose between. Majik LP12 MM is a new naming to describe the existing Majik specification Sondek LP12, featuring Adikt. Majik LP12 MC is a new alternative model which features our new Koil MC cartridge; offering customers an alluring first upgrade right at the point of purchase.

Today’s announcement now means that the Linn cartridge range features six distinct performance levels: Ekstatik, Kandid, Kendo, Krystal, Koil, and Adikt – giving customers even more choice and upgrade routes.

Akito – End of Life

After an illustrious career spanning 34 years, Akito will be retired shortly. New orders placed for Akito tonearms up to and including 15th July will be honoured while stocks last.